Magnolia Blossom Bar Options

Liquor Selection:

We pride ourselves on having a large liquor selection.

Here are a few samples from our different price levels: Ciroc, Grey Goose, Tanqueray, Beefeater, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Malibu, Oban Scotch, Jameson, Kahula, Windsor, Korbel, Patron, Jose Cuervo, Southern Comfort.
Starting at $6.00-$10.00

Beer Selection:

Domestic and Premium beer on tap and in cans.
Starting at $6.00-$8.50

Wine Selection:

We offer a variety of red and white wine.
Please see our wine list.
$8.00 per glass-$30.00 per bottle

Cash Bar:

Each person pays cash upon every order.

Host Bar:

The host/hostess pays. There are several options with this plan.

  • Host Bar Tab: The Magnolia Blossom will run a tab that will be totaled at the end of the cruise. You can limit the time and/or items with this option. An estimated cost is calculated in advanced which is to be paid prior to the cruise. You will receive a refund if the bar tab is less than the estimate or you will pay the difference if the tab exceeds the estimate.
  • Drink Tokens: Tokens are good for any beverage. The bartender(s) will keep track of each beverage the token is used for. The bartender(s) will total the tab at the end of the cruise and payment will be due in full.
  • Flat Rate: You will pay a set price per person.
    1. Full open bar package: $12.00 per hour per person.
    2. Full beer and wine package: $10.00 per hour per person.
    3. Full soft drink package: $3.00 per hour per person.

• Minimum of 25 passengers for all packages
• State sales tax and service charges apply to all host and package payment options.
• Packages do not include energy drinks, shots, Champagne toasts, double shots or cordials , high end scotches.
• Package prices must be purchased for entire cruise length.
• Prices subject to change without notice.
• Please drink responsibly. We have the right to take appropriate immediate action if there is need for concern.